Ink Dispensers

Manual Ink Dispensers

Mini-Blend: This is a manual dispenser developed by Hi-Tech to service the smaller ink user. The online software allows the customer to access their information anywhere in the world.

  • Allows customer to make 5-20kg of ink 24/7
  • Automatic bucket label printer
  • Full stock control of ingredients
  • Online ordering of ingredients or finished inks
  • Numerous reports including prices lists and usage etc
  • Downloadable safety data sheets
  • Online ink estimation program

Mini-Blend 2: Plans to automate the mini-blend for the small/medium ink user.....2012-13?

Fully Automatic Ink Dispensers

Hi-Tech Products Ltd buys Rexson or Vale-Tech fully automatic systems. Both machines are built in the UK and serviced by local engineers

Main Benefits:
  • Fully automatic
  • Ink recycling and stock control system
  • Very accurate and hard wearing
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Rexson Dispenser

Rexson Fully Automatic Dispenser

Vale-Tech Dispenser

Vale-Tech Fully Automatic Dispenser